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Parents of children with ARFID are often plagued with anxiety and guilt at not being able to fulfil the most basic of biological roles and that is to ensure that their child is well nourished.  Many parents spend years on the receiving end of well meaning advice from friends and family; ‘in my day there was no ARFID, children these days are spoiled’, ‘just let them come and stay with me and I’ll get them to eat’ or the worst of all, ‘just withhold the food until he/she is really hungry, children wont starve themselves!’.

Judgement by others, especially friends, family, teachers and even medical/therapy professionals can feel the worst because we all want to be seen as good parents, adults and patients. 

As a parent of an ARFID warrior, or individual with ARFID, you will be judged. 

Try to remember that every parent/person is judged about something, at some point.

Even health professionals can get it wrong too.


ARFID Awareness UK Parent Support UK/Ireland is a 'closed' online Facebook community which aims to provide a safe environment for parents, carers and those living with ARFID to seek support. Many parents have told us that just knowing that they are not alone in this journey is a weight off their shoulders in itself, as you can guarantee that whatever you and your child are going through, someone else has walked a similar road before you and is prepared to extend a supportive ear.

Further resources for parents to use with schools and at medical appointments can be found in our Resources section.

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