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B.I.T.T. Services creates a training guide on ARFID to further awareness in the workplace.

ARFID Awareness UK supporter B.I.T.T. Services have put together a very useful reference guide for their mentors and tutors about Avoidant Restrictive Food Intake Disorder. 

As a leading expert in the field of disability, mental health and wellbeing, their team of tutors and mentors work with a diverse community of individuals in higher education and the workplace.  Through a range of 1-2-1 support services, such as Assistive Technology Training, Study Skills Support and Mental Health Mentoring, they work with individuals to develop practical and relevant strategies.  These techniques then enable the individual to overcome their study or work challenges, gain independence and grow in confidence.  

In addition the 1-2-1 Services, they also offer a range of group-based training and consultancy services centred around their expertise of wellness, inclusion and engagement supporting Academic Institutions and Businesses on their disability confident journey.   

Expanding their knowledge of ARFID among their workforce will enable them to recognise and be mindful of this condition among the students and young people they work with.

A copy of the training guide can be found and downloaded in the resources section of our website, here.

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